Police Clearance or Non Criminal Certificate

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Sometimes Police Clearance/ Non Criminal Certificate is very essential to go abroad, some countries have some special requirements such as China, before issuing offer letter or visa application form from university they ask for Police Clearance/ Non Criminal Certificate. In this case you need to manage Police Clearance/ Non Criminal Certificate from your home country.


The processing to collect Non Criminal Certificate is little bit disgusting because of information gap and some other hidden issues. So today I’ll discuss something about how to get Police Clearance/ Non Criminal Certificate. In this case I’ll use the example of Bangladesh, so please don’t mix it up if you are not from Bangladesh.


  1. Application: This is the first step to get a Non Criminal Certificate. You need to apply first for this and must apply to the permanent address according to your passport. Before applying you need to collect Chairman certificate/ Certificates from commissioner which will be stated your identity. A Passport copy, Chairman Certificate and and a passport size photo would be needed to apply for Non Criminal Certificate. You may apply through the local police station in your hometown, for this application they will charge you around 300 Taka for the application, although this process should be free, but if you let them apply on behalf of you and give this little amount of money the total process would be smoother. I think you understood what I mean. The computer operator will use your personal phone number all of your information to apply, the scan copies of all of your necessary documents will be uploaded. You must ensure all the given information are correct before submission. You will get a SMS confirmation of application. To complete this process, you need to deposit 500/= Taka as treasury chalan at Sonaly Bank/Bangladesh Bank. This treasury chalan form you may get from any photocopy shop next to the Sonaly bank.


  1. Police verification: After completing the application process, your file will be assigned to a Police Officer to verify. He will visit your home address within 15 days and give verification report to his commending officer OC. Then OC will fill up a form with your personal information which has been already provided by Bangladesh Home Ministry and send it to the SP Office in District branch. This processing needs 3-5 working days to arrive SP office by post. After getting the information page and application from local police station SP office send this to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to verify. MOFA attestationAfter verifying MOFA will send back to the SP office, this processing needs almost 15 days to get verified, because of the transportation of the documents is bit slow, govt. office always prefers govt. postal service, which is quite slow. When the documents come back to the local SP office then SP give a signature and send that back to the local police station where you have applied at the first time. Then the local police station will give you the police clearance/ Non-Criminal certificate. To complete the whole process from the application day to the end it needs almost 45 days.


  1. Notarization: Some countries like as China ask attestation of Non-Criminal certificate from the Chinese Embassy. So you need to notarize Non-Criminal certificate from them. Before notarization from Chinese embassy, you need to make notarized this from an advocate which cost 100 Taka from palton.notary publicAfter this you need to take your original passport and photocopy, original Non-Criminal certificate and photocopy, national Id card original and photocopy, then go to Chinese Embassy visa section within 9-12 pm in working days and submit for attestation. There are 2 types of delivery, Express delivery and normal delivery, for express it needs 3 working days and it cost 5000 Taka, and for normal it needs 7 working days and it cost 2000 Taka. ­­Embassy Attestation


Note: After so many difficulties you will get the Non-Criminal Certificate, of course there are some other ways what can minimize the time period, for that you may ask me. And I hope this article would be helpful to you, thank you very much for your attention. 

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